the ordinary is extraordinary.

I’ve found in life - that is, in food - a dichotomy worthy of my absolute devotion.
The respect with which I place a sardine and a truffle on the same common plate.
The fairness I apply to the cutting of a sprig of parsley or some beautiful shimeji.
It wavers between the power of my hand, whether by the playful transformation of the ingredients nature or trough the stillness of handling that respects its essence.
It comes alive in the discovery of an extraordinary combination of flavors, whether for its clarity, or for its complexity.
How extraordinary is the power of melting prejudices with one bite and the possibility of merging, uncovering and revolve in a plate of food the dimensions we all have within: the ordinary and the extraordinary.
I’ve created Oficina to put all that I know at the service of all what I want to discover. 
My craft is to wash the banality away from the simplest of things. It is that simple and extraordinary. I live to give to the peas, the offal or the turnip greens, the place of honor they deserve. Food, like a woman, is deliciously unpredictable. Like salt stones hidden in the caramel. Or a stripped potato.
Bring on the sauce to dip the body until it finds the soul. Only then can I find the taste in living, without ever finding out if I am the one that seasons life, or life that tempers me.

The (extra)ordinary,

Rui Rebelo


The heart of a cook,
the education of a chef.

When I was a manager and a cook I had an extraordinary idea: to be just a cook. From then on I’ve never changed my mind. Since then I’ve been changing countries to pursue the taste of knowledge:
First, a reference institution in Brazil (Caxias do Sul University). Then, a street food trailer in London, to unravel the conventionality of the Brazilian school. After that I went to CETT / University of Barcelona, where I did my Masters of Executive Chef and Fine Dining Creativity (while eating many tuna cans and part-time jobs), and still had the time to study Innovative Cuisine Techniques and Technologies and Molecular Gastronomy. The last two years of my pursuit where spent reaching the stars.
I worked at Alkymia (1 Michelin star) and Abac (2 Michelin stars), both in Barcelona. I learned with Ferran Adrià the combination of emotion and technology, with the brilliant Joan Roca the tenacious search for excellence, and with Ramon Morató – one of the best chocolatiers in the world - the sophistication within sweetness.
The experiences at the extraordinary 100 Maneiras, the ordinary MacDonalds, the prestigious Tróia Design Hotel and at the cool food trailer in London, were key ingredients to define the path that led me to open Oficina do Duque, my restaurant, my workshop.
I’ve build it step by step, in a cool street in Chiado called The Stairs of the Duke, while managing caterings for the Cannes Festival, Rock in Rio and Mário Viegas Theater, among others.
Now I renew my craft. 37 years of life and still a whole lifetime to come.
Experiment. Eat, drink, f ... live. Is what feeds me.
When we decide to become ourselves, we are never the same.

The chef, the cook,

Rui Rebelo



Calçada do Duque 43, 1200-155 Lisboa


(+351) 210 996 354